Manage Azure Databricks

An Azure account consists of Azure subscription information and associated services. This section describes how to assign initial account admins to Azure Databricks, delete an Azure Databricks service, and cancel an Azure subscription.

Assign initial account admins

Users that have Contributor or Owner role on the Azure Databricks workspace in the Azure portal can sign in as account admins by clicking Launch Workspace. For more details, see Managing access using RBAC in the Azure portal.


The user that created the workspace typically has Contributor or Owner role on the workspace. If no account admin can log into the workspace (for example, because they are no longer in your Active Directory), your subscription administrator can grant account admin access by assigning Contributor or Owner role.

After account admins sign in to Azure Databricks, they can add other users (admin and non-admin) in the Admin Console.


The Contributor or Owner role should not be assigned to users that should not have admin access to the workspace.

Delete an Azure Databricks service

To delete an Azure Databricks service:

  1. Log into your Azure Databricks workspace as the account owner (the user who created the service), and click the user profile Account Icon icon at the top right.

  2. Select Manage Account.

  3. In the Azure Databricks service, click Azure Delete and then OK.

Cancel an Azure subscription

To cancel your Azure subscription, see Cancel your subscription for Azure.