Administration Guide

Welcome to the Azure Databricks Administration Guide. There are three types of administrators in Azure Databricks: account owner, account admins, and cloud configuration admins.

Account Owner

The account owner can view and make changes to your Azure Databricks service, Azure subscription, and diagnostic logging. This user is typically the person who signed up for or created your Azure Databricks service, and has the Azure Contributor or Owner role on the Azure Databricks service.

If you don’t know who your account owner is, contact Azure Databricks support.

See the sections below for details about how to manage Azure Databricks services, Azure subscriptions, and Azure Databricks diagnostic logging.

Account Admins

Account admins can manage users, groups, workspace storage, and access control for your Azure Databricks instance. Admins can delegate admin privileges to other users.

Account admins use the Azure Databricks Admin Console to view and change these properties. See the sections below for more details about the Admin Console.