Cluster Event Log

The cluster event log displays important cluster life cycle events that you trigger manually or are automatically triggered by Azure Databricks. Such events affect the operation of a cluster as a whole and the jobs running in the cluster.

For the supported event types, see the REST API ClusterEventType data structure.

Events are stored for 60 days, which is comparable with other data retention times in Azure Databricks.

View a cluster event log

  1. Click the clusters icon Clusters Menu Icon in the sidebar.

  2. Click a cluster name.

  3. Click the Event Log tab.


To filter the events, click the menu dropdown in the Filter by Event Type... field and select one or more event type checkboxes.

Use Select all to make it easier to filter by excluding particular event types.


View event details

For more information about an event, click its row in the log and then click the JSON tab for details.